Welcome to the Dragon's Realm. Dragons have always fascinated me, but I
never knew how much until recently. I've been into fantasy for as long as I can
remember, but dragons are different from other creatures- they almost seem real.

Dragons are mystical, yet riveting creatures. They created terror in the eyes of some,
while to others, they were as mystical, magical and unable to do harm. To me, they are misunderstood, like
the wolf. They were seen as slaughterers of man and beast alike, when all they did was live.

Dragons have been around for a long time, mostly in myths and legends. They appear as beasts in most
myths, wreaking havoc on small towns and being killed off by knights with lances. But in the
Chinese legends, the dragon is seen as an enlightening creature. He brings luck to those who worship
him and helps towns to be prosperous and peaceful. But in all myths and legends, dragons have one thing
in common; the way they looked.

Dragons have always been creatures with scales, huge claws and teeth, and of course, who can forget
that they breathe fire. They varied in color, from the brightest red, to green, to black and white. The
most mystical dragons were said to be black or white, depending on whether they were good or evil. These were
the ones that had bodies adorned with jewels and other trinkets.

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