The Mystery of the Wolf

The Den of RedWolf

Mexican Gray Wolf

I am a life bringer.
I come to heal
with the ways
of the Wolves.
With the crystal
I will heal,
ha wo ho.

I have come
with living waters,
these healing ways
of the Wolves,
the living waters,
the spirit crystal,
ha wo ho.

Lebi'd, a Kwakiutl shaman

I have been a lover of the wolf for a long time. It's good to know there are
other people out there who feet the same way I do about the glorious animal known
as the wolf. The hunting of the wolf should stop, and there are a lot of people
out there that think of the wolf as a satanistic symbol.
The wolf, in my eyes, is a symbol of peace and enlightenment.
Hopefully one day everyone will see it that way.

In life the night was mine,
The moon harkened to my cry;
Now my bones lie cold and pale,
And my spirit walks in darkness.


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