"He takes me to the window, small, dirty,
crisscrossed with old chicken-wire, and
points across the street to something which
seems to be a monster being not born of a
living creature but of a building. Seeing
this obscene thing is a shock; what is worse
is seeing the people passing to and fro
beneath it, intent on either plotting their
day's business or planning their evening's
pleasure; they pass to and fro and do not
look up.

None of them look up.

I hear him say it again: We don't see
them...but they see us."

~Stephen King~

The word "Gargoyle" shares a root with the word "Gargle"; they come from "gargouille", an
old French word for "Throat". A true gargoyle is a waterspout. An unusual carved creature that
does not serve that purpose is properly called a "Grotesque".

Many cultures throughout history have created sculptures of fantastic creatures.
These gargoyles and grotesques stir our imaginations, as they stirred the imaginations of
the sculptors and carvers who created them. We try to understand them, to explain them. The most
common belief is that they are protectors, keeping evil away from the buildings and their occupants.
But is this really why they are there.....?

The gargoyle often
makes his perch
on a cathedral or a
Where, mid eclesiastic
style he smiles
an early Gothic

~Oliver Herford~

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