This is a list of different crystals, their descriptions, and what they are used for. I hope that this is helpful to all you beginners
and to the more experienced. Good luck and blessed be.

Agate: green in color with reddish flecks; fosters love, prosperity, good luck, longevity, strength, appreciation of nature
Amazonite: light aqua-green with white flecks; promotes truth, sincerity, honor, self-asteem
Amethyst: regal violet stone with whitish stripes; enhances spiritual awareness, meditation, psychic abilities
Arrowheads: range in color; charm against evil
Aventurine: dark green with a metallic iridescence; aids in releasing anxiety and fear
Bloodstone: green opaque stone with spotted red flecks; brings abundance, generosity, good fortune
Carnelian translucent orange-red stone; encourages sociability, emotional warmth
Chalcopyrite (Peacock Ore): multicolored metallic-looking stone; enhances self-expression, helps one to work better with others
Garnet: red, rough stone; fosters romantic love, passion, sexuality, positive thoughts, energy and social success
Hematite: silver, smooth stone; increases resistance to stress, enhances courage, grounding
Jade: usually green, but can be other colors as well; charm against evil and harm
Jasper: green with orangish flecks; healing, nurturing, gentle endings, serenity, cleansing, contentment
Malachite: dark green in color; brings subconscious wisdom, loyalty, leadership ability
Moonstone: translucent, light toned gem of many hues, or else is colorless, with a milky-blue sheen; fosters happiness, good fortune, safe travel on water, new beginnings, ancient wisdom, protective of women and nature, gets us in touch with our feelings
Pyrite: metallic gold; augments intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, memory
Quartz: Clear; facilitates wisdom, clarity of thought, transformation
Sodalite: deep, rich blue stone with white inclusions; healing, especially for emotional or stress related diseases
Tiger Eye: shiny, golden-brown stone; facilitates personal empowerment, courage, will power
Turquoise: turquoise in color, with gold and brown flecks; inspires empathy, balance, friendship, honest communication
Unakite: salmon pink feldspar and green epidote, and is an opaque stone; helps to balance the masculine and feminine energies

Info taken from The Truth About Crystal Healing by Phyllis Galde and from The Shaman Crystal

Well, I suppose all of you are wondering how stones like these can be used in rituals. It depends on what you are trying to perform as to which mineral to use. I guess that I can tell you how I use them, but it may be different for each person. You use them basically by how you feel.

I keep a medicine bag in my pocket at all times. And I keep the same stones in it all the time as well. I have a shard of clear quartz, a piece of red jasper (said to be the birthstone of aries, which is what I am), sodalite (used for healing), botswana agate (also used for healing), an arrowhead to ward off evil, and a semicircle of hematite to take away my nervousness. On odd days when I don't feel quite right, I may add another stone to the bag; but most of the time I just stick with the same ones.

To use stones like these in a ritual, they must be fully cleansed of all impurities. Plus they need to be passed through four things: earth, fire, air and water. Then you are ready to start a ritual. Make sure that you find a quiet spot to perform. What I usually do is this: I light enough candles to surround me, place the stones I'm using in a circle in front of me (depending on what I'm asking for - love, luck, healing, etc.) and light some incense. Then I put on some soft music (the chanter's choice of course), and chant away. What is said is totally up to the person preforming the ritual. It could be anything from "Spirits above, please bring me luck in love" to something more elaborate that takes 10 minutes to recite. It's all up to the person who is asking for help from the stones in front of them.

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